The Zoo Story (2008)


Richard Tunley as PETER and Lewis Cook as JERRY

Richard Tunley as PETER and Lewis Cook as JERRY


The Zoo Story

by Edward Albee

A man, consumed with loneliness, starts up a conversation with another man on a bench in Central Park and eventually forces him to participate in an act of violence…

Combining both realistic and absurd elements, Albee has constructed a short but multi-leveled play dealing with issues of human isolation, loneliness, class differences, and the dangers of inaction within American society. He focuses on the need for people to acknowledge and understand each other’s differences.

“This two-hander explodes off the stage. The acting is mesmerising and the audience was gripped.”



PETER Richard Tunley

JERRY Lewis Cook

Production team

Directed by Richard Tunley

Image Design by Lewis Cook


The Zoo Story was Black RAT’s inaugural production and enjoyed a highly successful tour of venues in England and Wales.