Neville’s Island (2012)


Four out-of-condition, middle-aged businessmen sent off on a team building exercise in the Lake District succeed in being the first people ever to get shipwrecked on an island on Derwentwater.

Bound in fog, menaced by wildlife and cut off from the world, this perfunctory middle-class exercise turns into a carnival of recriminations, French cricket and sausages.

What should have been a bonding process for Gordon, Angus, Roy and Neville turns into a muddy, bloody fight for survival – because when night settles in, strange things happen out in the wilds. And what took place on Neville’s Island that foggy November weekend none of this particular middle-management team would ever forget…


ANGUS Keiron Self

GORDON Gareth Bale

NEVILLE James Thomas

ROY Peter Brad-Leigh 

Production Team

Directed by Richard Tunley

Produced by Sharon Casey

Design by Steve Denton

Lighting Design by Robin Bainbridge

Sound Design by James Marsh

Written by Tim Firth

Neville’s Island was a Black RAT Productions and Blackwood Miners’ Institute co-production in association with RCT Theatres and supported by Arts Council of Wales