Miss Julie (2008)

Lewis Cook as JEAN and Becci Lewis as JULIE

Lewis Cook as JEAN and Becci Lewis as JULIE

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg

It is a Midsummer’s Eve. Miss Julie, bored, restless, and lonesome, finds herself at the servants’ party flirting with her father’s footman, Jean. He and his mistress are soon alone in the kitchen, playing more than just a game with one another. Each is trapped, by class and temperament, and is looking so desperately for a means of escape that they risk destroying each other in the process. A roller-coaster of a play.

Miss Julie, a one-act tragedy, remains August Strindberg’s most famous work.

Adapted especially for studio performance, this Black RAT production was directed to reflect Strindberg’s original staging aims and the realistic acting approaches of Stanislavski.


Review by Michael Kelligan – TheatreWales.co.uk



JULIE Becci Lewis

JEAN Lewis Cook


Production Team

Directed by Richard Tunley

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