Bouncers (2009)

ERIC (Mike Doyle), RALPH (Richard Tunley), LES (Gareth John Bale) & JUDD (Sam Davies)

ERIC (Mike Doyle), RALPH (Richard Tunley), LES (Gareth John Bale) & JUDD (Sam Davies)


by John Godber

It’s Friday night; it’s party night – time for Bouncers to come alive!

Following our successful summer tour of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, Black RAT Productions joined forces with Wales’ Mike Doyle to bring you our latest theatrical offering – a topically updated, energy-packed version of John Godber’s award winning comedy.

Meet Les, Judd, Ralph and Lucky Eric, the bouncers at a night club, somewhere near you, as they prepare for the onslaught of a Friday night’s debauchery. Lads are on the pull, girls are on the razzle and the beer and alco-pops are flowing free. What follows is a theatrical feast as four high-energy actors portray over twenty different characters in one crazy night on the town.

Slow dancing, snogging and late night kebabs – it’s all there. A journey through one of those nights that everyone has had and would like to forget. You’ll laugh until they throw you out….

Bursting at the seams with sharp wit, BOUNCERS has become a modern classic. With a talented cast of some of Wales’ finest comedy actors, led by Mike Doyle as Lucky Eric, this non-stop comedy is definitely one not to be missed.

‘Bouncers provides more than a trip to the theatre. It’s an experience. It’s a bloody good night out!’


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RALPH Richard Tunley

LES Gareth Bale

JUDD Sam Davies

Production Team

Directed by Richard Tunley

Lighting Design & Technical Manager – Neil French